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Here at, we spend a lot of time thinking about how to make the way we interface with technology natural, easy, and even fun. Part of giving that experience to users means enabling users to choose the type of interface they feel like using, as well as allowing them to customize that interface to fit the way they communicate.

For example, when using the Josh app to control the home, users can create their own dashboard, populating it with the scenes and devices most important to them. These sorts of customizations should also extend beyond a traditional UI.

Most people talk about Josh’s advanced home voice control abilities, such as giving compound commands to control multiple things at once. Beyond the cool tech, users have the ability to customize their voice experience as well. With Josh, users can choose what type of voice they would like to converse with, including the ability to specify gender and accent.

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Josh lets you choose whether you want to speak to a male or female voice. This can be changed at any time, so you can adjust based on whatever you are feeling. In addition to gender, you can also choose the type of accent. Here are the options to choose from:


  • American
  • Australian
  • British


  • American
  • Australia
  • British
  • Indian
  • Irish
  • South African

You can change the voice of Josh using either our web portal or via voice.

To change via the web portal:

  • Click on your username at the top right of the page
  • Choose EDIT JOSH
  • In the PERSONALITY INFO section, you can choose the drop down for male/female as well as the type of accent.
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To change via voice:

You can talk to Josh either through the Josh app or by using Josh Micro. We made it simple so that you can naturally tell Josh what gender and accent you want. For example:

OK Josh, use a female Irish accent.

The default voice is whatever you have chosen in the EDIT JOSH section of the web portal. To get back to this voice, simply ask Josh to revert, say something like:

OK Josh, use your regular voice.

Voice customizations are just one feature that makes Josh the most natural and advanced controller for your home. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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