AVA Cinema Remote Now Available for Josh Partners to Pre-Order 📦

3 min readOct 17, 2023
AVA Cinema Remote with the Josh Remote App

Launched at CEDIA 2023, AVA Cinema Remote is a premium handheld remote control that combines a stunning edge-to-edge touchscreen with a new Dynamic Keypad interface. This remote, when paired with Josh.ai, offers users the best of both worlds: a tactile hard-button remote and a limitless home intelligence experience.

AVA Cinema Remote Dynamic Keypad using the Josh Remote App

AVA Cinema Remote’s Dynamic Keypad streamlines TV navigation by using a three-dimensional glass ring to guide the user’s thumb. It replaces the cluttered buttons of traditional remotes with a simple DPAD-like interface that adapts its labels, colors, and functions based on the current media source. This innovative approach ensures users always have the right buttons at their fingertips while eliminating confusion caused by irrelevant buttons on other universal remotes.

Refreshed Josh Remote App UI

AVA’s latest remote takes your Josh.ai control experience to the next level. In turn, the Josh Remote App is receiving a significant makeover that will feature a fresh user interface and dynamic keypad adjustments when switching between various streaming platforms, cable boxes, and more devices. For customers who desire a dedicated hard-button remote to complement their Josh.ai experience, the AVA Cinema Remote is the ideal solution.

As a Google-certified Android device, the AVA Cinema Remote seamlessly runs the Josh Remote App. Together, one of the most robust handheld Android-based devices available for the custom channel is made even more powerful when paired with Josh.ai’s intuitive whole-home control capabilities.

Josh dealers that would like to pre-order AVA Cinema Remote can do so HERE.

About AVA, Inc.

AVA is a Swiss-American startup creating home products that inspire enjoyment, improve quality of life, feel natural to use, and fit seamlessly into any living space. AVA provides a premium experience with solutions purposely designed for, and completely supported by the professional residential installation channel. For more information about the AVA experience, please visit www.ava.com.

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