Announcing the iOS App 4.0

4 min readDec 23, 2019


New Year, New App

We’ve been hard at work improving our iOS app on iPhone and iPad, and we’re excited to announce it’s now available for download! Be sure to update or download the latest from the App Store by searching for Josh — Home Automation. There are a lot of updates we’re excited about, but below are a few of our favorites.

Click here to download the new app for iPhone and iPad on the App Store.

The Home Screen

Now optimized to help you quickly understand what’s turned on at a glance. continues to recommend actions such as playing your favorite music, or call something to your attention. Below that, a list shows all devices that are currently active, with control of each being a single tap away.

Dark Mode

That’s right. It’s here by popular demand! Find it by tapping on the menu icon in the top left corner of the home view. If you have dark mode set to automatically turn on via your OS settings, the app will reflect that. Otherwise, you can operate in dark mode all the time by flipping the switch!

Customize Dashboards

Make and navigate dashboards for specific rooms or use cases, and tap and hold on a tile to rearrange it.

Room Level Control

The easiest way to affect the room you’re in is to utilize sliders at the top to adjust shades, lights, and music volume (soon). If you’ve got double layered shades, you’ll even see two sliders denoting blackout shades and sheers!

Device Level Control

Tap on any device tile to enter detailed controls. Many devices in the app have received a facelift to become easier to control as well as look cleaner.

Scene Control

Quickly activate a scene by tapping on the play icon, and easily edit the scene by tapping on the scene name. Using our intuitive tile layout, define a custom scene by simply typing what should happen, or add devices manually one at a time.

Aliasing (Nicknames)

Don’t forget that with every device, room, and scene, you can go to settings (the gear icon in the top right corner) and add as many trigger words/phrases as you like. With scenes, also gives you the ability to have it respond back in kind with any number of custom phrases. For the adventurous users, there are even more tips available in our Alias Formatting document.

Talk… or Type!

Don’t want to disturb your bed partner, or are you in the middle of a loud house party and want to still give a command to Josh? Tap on the microphone button as usual, then on the type icon in the bottom left corner to bring up the keyboard where you can text your home as if it were a person!

See in Action

Download the App

Available now for iPhone and iPad on the App Store!

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