An Automated Thanksgiving Meal

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It’s that time of the year again! Thanksgiving is a special time for everyone where we all get a chance to unwind and enjoy some much needed relaxation. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by their closest family and friends, eating incredible food, and making memories?

When we’re gathered around the table it becomes important to thoroughly enjoy each other’s company and reflect on the past year. We need to be able to create a welcoming and entertaining environment in our home so our guests feel comfortable. Here at, we believe the key to making that happen is making sure that the house is set up for whatever happens when you have guests over.

In order to make entertaining as stress free as possible, you can start by outfitting your home with a bevy of home automation hardware and a great control system to bring it all together. Before your guests start arriving to feast on that turkey that’s been cooking all day, you’d want to be able to have the lights in the foyer and dining room turn on and some soft music playing in the background. The lighting hardware could be a Lutron RadioRA 2 or Homeworks QS system. The music can be bumping through some Meridian DSP800 speakers in the different rooms by way of their Sooloos system. You could be in the kitchen, open up the app on your iPhone and simply say, “Turn on the lights in the foyer and dining room and play some jazz music at low volume.” From there, the lights act accordingly and the music begins to fill the room.

After all the guests have arrived and eaten some hor d’oeuvres, it’s time for dinner. You’ve already set-up a scene on the web portal for when it’s time to move into the dining room. You notice it isn’t best to give a voice command, so you pull out your phone and tap the scene “dinner time.” The lights begin to dim and the music turns off. You are in the middle of dinner and your uncle is in the singing mood. You already have an Echo Dot sitting in the corner of the room, so you say “Echo, tell Josh to play some Frank Sinatra in the dining room.” Your uncle jumps out of his seat, circles the table and belts out the words to Sinatra’s Luck Be a Lady.

Dinner is over and everyone is in a dancing mood. You move the party to the living room and before everyone gets there, you open the Josh app again and say “party time.” The Lutron shades go up, lights turn on, and James Brown’s voice starts blaring out of the speakers — the perfect setting. Your kids are dancing around and even your aunt feels the need to get up and join in on the fun. The room starts to get stuffy so you reach into your pocket and with a simple tap you change the temperature in the living room.

Everyone starts to get exhausted and the food coma is really kicking in after the dessert. People begin to leave, and once you’ve given your last hug and said your last goodbye you decide it’s time for bed. With another Echo hiding in the living room you say, “Echo, tell Josh to turn off the music.” You tuck your kids into bed and go back to the kitchen to make sure everything is put away. On your way back to your bedroom you check your phone for any last text messages and go to the Josh app and say “goodnight.” The shades come down, the lights turn off and the front door locks — a successful Thanksgiving dinner.

This post was written by Benji at Benji is on the Business Development team. Prior to joining, Benji worked in product strategy for Sonos. Outside of work you can find Benji eating at new restaurants, cycling throughout Los Angeles, and woodworking. Benji graduated from UCSB in 2016.

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