All the Places to See at CEDIA 2018

4 min readSep 11, 2018

At, we believe in working with the best partners in the industry. Many of our partners share the same sentiment, which is why many of them were happy to showcase Josh in their booth at CEDIA this year, highlighting the best in voice control and AI for the smart home.

In case you missed it, check out our partner list below, where was featured at CEDIA 2018.


A glimpse inside the Lutron luxury room at CEDIA 2018

Hopefully you had a chance to check out the luxury room at the Lutron booth this year, which featured Josh as the voice controller for the demo. Lutron is one of our earliest partners, and we have deep integration with all of their professional grade products, including Homeworks QS, RadioRA2, RA2 Select, and Caséta Pro. This year at CEDIA, Lutron built the story of the demo around their newly acquired technology from Ketra, showing how lighting temperatures make a dramatic impact on everything from mood to art color saturation.


We were proud to partner with Sony again this year at the CEDIA conference to highlight their ultra luxury TV experience. Sony is one of the few TV manufacturers to have a dealer program specifically for the custom integration channel. Since we have full IP control with all Sony XBR TVs, Josh has deep functionality, including being able to power on/off and switch sources. At the Sony booth, Josh was highlighted with a video loop showing how voice control can deliver dramatic experiences when a Sony TV is included into a Josh home.


We love when a newcomer comes along to disrupt a market for the better, which is exactly what Rayva is doing for home theaters. Billed as “the world’s first turnkey home entertainment solution,” Rayva combines all of the best-in-class home theater technology to ensure a fantastic experience every time, including Josh for voice control.


Barco Residential knocked it out of the park again this year at CEDIA 2018, with wins as CEDIA 2018 Best New Product as well as one of the CEPro Best for its new Prometheus III projector. Josh was there to be the voice controller to complete the luxury experience in Barco’s booth.

Dana Innovations

Our friends at Dana Innovations have always been leaders in the industry, with their Sonance, iPort, and Trufig brands. This year, we were happy to show off our partnership with Trufig and Josh Micro at CEDIA 2018 with a Trufig wall mount on display at the booth. Check out the photo below that shows the Trufig Josh Micro mount as well as the sleek mount for iPad, which can be used as a Josh dashboard throughout the home.

Sound United

Josh was happy to partner with Sound United at CEDIA 2018 to highlight how great music listening can be with Denon Heos and Josh’s advanced voice control technology.


For a totally different in-wall Josh Micro concept, SeeLess offers a way to hide Josh Micro into your wall. Head over to the SeeLess website for more information on the Josh Micro wall mount. is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at

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