A Dealer’s Guide — Managing Your Client’s Josh.ai Software Plan 👨‍💻

3 min readJan 23, 2024

Following the launch of its new and improved software plan features, Josh.ai is proud to roll out the next phase of empowering each dealer’s unique business with the tools to manage customer software plans.

For installers that have already embraced recurring revenue to provide ongoing support contracts for customers, and prefer to loop Josh software into their offering, they will continue enjoying preferred margin while managing deployed systems in the Josh Portal.

Dealers that would rather not manage software plans still receive generous ongoing compensation for client projects that are billed by Josh.ai and their clients now have an updated management interface. This guide is specifically tailored for Josh.ai systems set up by a dealer under a ‘Josh-managed’ subscription. For installers, and their clients, that are enjoying a dealer-managed experience, this guide does not apply.

As part of the Josh.ai setup process for Josh-managed systems, dealers will invite clients to oversee their software plan. Based on the components of a homeowner’s Josh.ai system, they will be presented with three duration options: monthly, yearly, or lifetime ownership. It is important to note that while customers have the flexibility to change their plan at any time, selecting one is a prerequisite for deploying their Josh.ai system.

Note: Ensure clients have an active Josh account before proceeding. If customers have any inquiries regarding account setup, your dealer is available to assist.

Email Notification

When Josh.ai is installed, customers will receive a welcome email notifying them that their system is online. This email will include the next step in the form of a button directing clients to manage their software plan.

Josh Portal Access

Clicking the ‘Manage Software Plan’ button takes customers to the Josh Portal, which is available on any web browser. After logging into their account, clients will follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the ‘System Setup’ tab located in the left-hand navigation bar under the name of their property.

2. Within the ‘System Setup’ tab, click on the ‘Software Plan’ button.

3. Then, select the ‘Manage Plan’ button.

4. Choose a preferred software plan and click on ‘Complete Checkout.’ Customers will be prompted to enter billing and credit card details to finalize their software plan payment.

Clients with any questions regarding their Josh.ai software plan or need additional setup assistance should reach out to their certified installer. Dealers interested in learning more about Josh.ai’s software plan options and flexibility can reach out to sales@josh.ai.

Josh.ai is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at https://josh.ai.

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