5 Ways To Wow Clients With Your Josh.ai Showroom Demo

The showroom demonstration is one of the most important aspects of what we do at Josh.ai. It is where most of our end-users experience Josh.ai for the first time. The showroom demo is a critical part of the sales process and can be the deciding factor for a client looking for a smart home system. We need to ensure the client is aware of Josh.ai’s full capabilities while also showcasing the simple commands we sometimes look past.

We always recommend adding bits of personalization throughout your showroom demonstration to create a wow factor for your clients. This can be as simple as setting up a “welcome our guests” scene that includes the client's name in the custom responses box. We found adding personalization with specifically adding the client’s name in the custom responses of a scene is one of the most effective ways to grab your client’s attention instantly.

Here is how you would do that:

  1. Create a scene in the Josh.ai Portal or iOS app. You can name it whatever you see fit, but for this example, we will use “Welcome to the showroom” as the name of our scene.
  2. We then add some basic programming:
    “Turn on the lights in the showroom, “open the shades in the showroom and conference room,” “Play the Beatles everywhere,” “Watch 4k City Skylines on Youtube.”
  3. Next, we navigate to the “responses” section in the Scene editor and select “custom response.”
    “Welcome to the Josh.ai Showroom, Joe! Sit back, relax and be prepared to be amazed!”
  4. This creates an amazing experience for your clients that really emphasizes Josh’s AI capabilities and adds a personal touch that will leave the client smiling!

While showcasing complex commands, scenes, and the many other advanced features of Josh.ai, sometimes we can forget that the simplest commands are what most end-users will use on a daily basis. A command like “turn on the lights, and play some music” can be incredibly powerful to show a client that is new to the Josh.ai environment. Being able to walk into a room and say a simple command without memorizing anything is a magical experience for clients.

To further this “magical” experience, we recommend having Micros set up in multiple rooms. This will give you the ability to give that same command, “turn on the lights and play some music,” in a different room. This is another wow moment for your clients. Not only do they not have to memorize any commands, but they can freely give the same commands in different rooms, and each room will act accordingly.

Josh Nano

A great way to grab your clients' attention and keep it is to get them involved! One of the best methods we have found for this is asking the clients what their favorite color and music choice is. For example, say the client answers with “red” and “Frank Sinatra.” With these 2 pieces of information, you can tell Josh, “Set the lights to red and play Frank Sinatra.”

Not only did we showcase compound commands and environmental controls with that command, but we also showcased how easy it is to transform your environment with Josh.ai. Adding those personal details is a great way to tailor your demonstration to the client you are with.

In almost every demonstration our dealers do, we recommend adding background music and background video. Even if the TV and music are not the focal points of the demonstration, it is crucial to incorporate them properly.

For your demonstrations, select a 4k video on the TV that best goes with the surrounding environment, or put a 4k fireplace on the TV in your “relax” scene. These are little additions that can make a world of difference. Another great way to utilize TV and music is to match them to colored lights.

Check out this video Josh.ai CEO Alex Capecelatro made for the Limited Edition Cobalt Blue Josh Micro. It beautifully showcases TV and background music paired with colored lighting to take the environment to the next level.

One of the coolest features of Josh.ai is the ability to create a scene using voice on the fly. This is a super simple way to blow your client’s mind with how simple and easy Josh.ai is. This can also be a great way to get your clients involved again with bits of personalization. You can do something like this:

Okay, Josh create a scene called dinner time that turns the lights in the kitchen on, listen to dinner music in the kitchen, open the shades halfway in the kitchen, and announce “Dinner is ready” everywhere.

There are tons of ways to make your showroom stand out, but these are just a few of the best ways we do it at Josh.ai! Let us know how these work for you!

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