5 Ways Josh.ai Can Help You Stay Germ Free

1. Lights and Shades

The number one and most obvious way Josh can help keep you safe is by controlling lights and shades. Josh has full control over a number of different lights and shades and these can all be controlled by voice. Using Josh in this capacity keeps you from touching any light switch and needing to physically to move any shades either.

2. Video Content

Searching video content on Josh is as easy as asking to watch your favorite movie or show. You can control volume, pause content, and press play all from the comfort of your couch. The best part is, you never have to touch a remote that could be carrying germs that could get you sick.

3. Music

Music can be a great alternative to help pass the time during a shelter in place. Josh excels at playing any artists, song, or genre you can think of — no touching dials, speakers, or any part of the music system for that matter.

4. Timers

Another great feature of Josh is being able to easily set timers via voice. Simply asking Josh to set a timer can help you avoid touching any manual buttons or even using your phone to set them (which we all know can be the biggest germ magnet).

5. Door Locks

Last, but certainly not least is controlling door locks. Josh offers you the ability to Lock all the homes in your house via voice. Peace of mind and germ free using locks that are compatible with a large number of the brands.



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