5 Reasons to Visit the Josh.ai Booth at CEDIA 2016

We are very excited for CEDIA 2016 this week in Dallas. There will be lots of fantastic tech to see and great people to connect with. Here are 5 reasons to check out the Josh.ai booth #4150 at CEDIA 2016:

1. Get a live demo

Josh.ai is more than just a powerful voice solution. It is a standalone control system that unifies all the technology in a home through clean and intuitive interfaces and powerful AI. We’ll be unveiling lots more of what Josh.ai has to offer, including our integrator tools and dashboard configuration. Josh.ai not only gives the end-client a delightful experience, but it also simplifies and streamlines the job for the integrator.

2. Meet the team

Stop by to meet some of the people involved in building Josh.ai. If you have a specific technical question, you can ask one of our engineers. If you’re curious about how the UI and UX has been designed, you can chat with our designer. And if you just want to say hi, we’re always happy to meet new people.

3. Learn about our partners

Josh.ai works with Meridian Audio

We’ve teamed up with some of the best luxury and high-performance brands in our industry. Swing by the booth to learn more. Also, if you are a manufacturer or other provider, and you want Josh.ai to integrate with your solution, come have a chat.

4. Sign up for a demo unit

Although we are only shipping 100 units in 2016, we always want to connect with home technology professionals who love innovative technology. At the booth, we can discuss options to let you demo a Josh.ai unit to experience the solution for yourself.

5. Learn about pricing

Josh.ai is a luxury AI solution for the custom channel. We have different pricing options depending on your need and the needs of your clients. Come by to discuss the options with someone from our sales team.

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