3 Things from 2019 to be Grateful for at Josh

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The Josh Team at CEDIA 2019

As the year winds down, we want to take a moment to look back at 2019 and think about what we are grateful for here at Josh.ai. We want to share how gracious we are to everyone who helped make this year so amazing. It is always great to look at the small things and see how they have made a difference for our company and the people that make it such a wonderful place to work.

Exciting New Partnerships and Features

With over 300 of North Americas top integrators signed on as Josh dealers, Josh is working to continue to elevate the automated home experience. This year Josh celebrated new partnerships with LG, Barco, Dish, and more. We announced some fantastic features that help make the custom voice experience amazing, from both an end-user perspective as well as for the installer. With our release for distributed A/V, for example, you can create a custom voice solution that seamlessly controls the audio video experience. It is the first natural language voice solution for multi-room distributed AV setups. Josh also launched concise mood, where the Micro will respond with shorter confirmations when controlling specific devices. In 2020, Josh is planning to bring even more exciting partnerships and features.

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A Network on Dealers

We are so grateful for all the time and resources that our dealers have invested. This year during The CEDIA Expo we held a special event to show our dealers how much we appreciate all that they are doing. We also took a moment to recognize and acknowledge our top integrator partners. George Harrison from Harrison Home Systems, who introduced Josh into a luxury condominium project in Denver Harrison and has been a champion of Josh from the beginning, was awarded the 2019 Pinnacle Award. Kyle Steele from Global Wave Integration was given the 2019 Advocate Award, for his tireless support to date. Our 2019 Chairman’s Award went to Mark Hoffenberg from AUDIOVISONS, who has given countless hours and ideas to make Josh a better system.

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George Harrison from Harrison Home System

Growing the Josh Team

The Josh team has also grown this year. We have been fortunate enough to expand our engineering, sales, and support teams. Josh has welcomed John and Connor to help with NLP and support. This year we also hired our first National Sales Director Chad Russell, who is an industry veteran. Josh also signed on CET & Associates as sales reps. CET is helping the Josh presence to grow in the Rocky Mountain Region.

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Josh.ai team and CET Associates visiting the Josh Denver office

2019 has been an amazing year for Josh and it is not even done yet. We are truly grateful for all the support and excitement from the industry and all of our partners. Thank you for helping to make Josh the exciting innovation that it is. We have so many great things planned in the future, and can’t wait to share them with you as Josh continues to grow.

Josh.ai is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at https://josh.ai.

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