2018 Recap: Josh.ai Re-Invented the Smart Home with Josh Micro, and Much More!

4 min readDec 24, 2018
The Josh.ai Los Angeles Team

Wow what a year! 2018 has been the best one yet for us between shipping Josh Micro, adding new manufacturing partners, and of course partnering with the best integrators across the country. We are thankful for all the support we’ve had from the industry and the hard work our team has put in all year long. Cheers to an even better 2019!

  1. Josh Micro

This May we started shipping our first hardware product, Josh Micro! We are excited to revolutionize how homeowners use natural voice control and artificial intelligence in their homes. This powerful device serves as the whole home processor as well as the far-field microphone with a capacitive touch dial. Micro is always learning and continues to get smarter the more you use it through over-the-air software updates. We are now on our third production run and are quickly processing orders as they come in!

Micros 😍

2. New Josh 3.0 App

The Josh App got a face-lift this year focused on creating an even more intuitive and easy-to-use interface designed with “smart recommendations”. The app already seamlessly connected your smart devices into one interface that’s operable via touch, text and voice both at home and remotely. This year, we took it a step further by adding a contextual dashboard to make suggestions based on the time of day, usage data, and general recommendations. The updated interface has day and night color schemes as well as simpler navigation, which requires a maximum of two taps to access any action.

New AI Dashboard Learns Users’ Living Patterns

3. Partnerships

The backbone to our cutting-edge software is the hardware that we control to create that intuitive and complete user-experience. When selecting new integration partners, we’re strategic in selectively partnering with manufactures that are cutting-edge while still focused on producing reliable and stable products. This year, we are honored to add Savant and Sound United amongst many more new partners to our control ecosystem.

4. New Integrations

In addition to partnering with new manufacturers, we spent a majority of engineering development this year on expanding support and integration with the awesome partners we already worked with. Some highlights include:

  • Crestron Pyng integration for lights, shades, thermostats and scenes.
  • Crestron 2.0 SIMPL Module that has reduced programming complexity, boosted reliability and added robust integration features.
  • Adding RA2 Select Bridges and Caseta Smart Bridge Pro to our Lutron ecosystem of control that already included Homeworks QS, Illumination and RadioRa2 Select.
  • New thermostat, shade and TP Link Switch support to our Control4 driver.

5. New Privacy and Security Features

With Josh being specifically designed for the custom installation channel, our focus is on the user’s privacy — never using data for ads or profit. Josh is the only home control system that offers tools to manage how much of your data is used to improve your experience with the ability to opt out of data collection at any point. You won’t be sold anything or have your data marketed to third parties. Our only concern is creating your best smart home experience.

6. New Mounting Options

This year at CEDIA we showed off two new ways that a Josh Micro can be wall-mounted to better blend with the aesthetics of the home. The first option comes with our partnership with Dana Innovations to give homeowners the option to blend their Micro with any surface in their home using Trufig. The second is having a Micro recessed in the wall with SeeLess.

SeeLess Solution for Josh Micro

7. Josh Authorized Dealers

We have an-ever growing integrator base with over 200 of the best-in-industry partners throughout the country. Josh is currently being sold to homeowners in 42 states at a multiplying rate thanks to our fabulous dealer network. We appreciate all you guys do and the feedback that pioneers the direction of both the home automation industry and Josh’s innovative product offering.

Tom Doherty (Crestron), Bridget (Josh.ai), Jaclyn and Donnie Boutwell (Media Systems in Houston), Kifton Vanemon (Crestron), Michelle Guss (Crestron), Bryan Celli (Crestron), and CEO Alex (Josh.ai)

8. Josh Team

Our team continues to expand making every day exciting with collaboration amongst the business, design, and engineering groups. The collective hard work is what ultimately makes us successful. We’re actively hiring, so if you know any exceptional candidates in Los Angeles or Denver please send them to josh.ai/jobs.

Josh.ai Team at CEDIA 2018 💪🏼

Josh.ai is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at https://josh.ai.

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