When searching for a robust yet straightforward home automation system, look no further than Josh.ai + Control4. Josh.ai is a privacy-focused industry leader in voice control, natural language, and privacy-focused artificial intelligence. Complement Josh with one of our fantastic partner brands like Control4, and you have a fully connected home automation experience.

A home automation system is the backbone of a smart home. Inside a smart home, you can expect to see motorized shades, controllable lights, music throughout the house, TVs, touch panels, remote controls, and more. Josh.ai …

At Josh.ai, we believe having options within a home automation system is a foundational pillar for success. “Scenes” bring the smart home to a whole new level. Josh gives users the functionality to create a scene with many easy, intuitive options. Here, we will be taking a look at 3 different ways to create a scene in Josh, along with an example scene for each method.

What is a Scene?

A scene enables a user to control multiple devices simultaneously through a specific trigger. …

Name: Jack Politz

What do you do at Josh? Software Engineer. Adding new features, integrating new smart home products, and keeping Hunter from breaking anything.

Where are you from originally? Austin, TX

Which office do you work in? Denver, CO

What do you love about the smart home? Electronic organization is the only part of the home that isn’t obvious in the context of spring cleaning. Being able to organize and maintain devices adds an extra layer of comfort to the home.

The Josh.ai brand has evolved.

Today we say “thank you for your service” to our globally recognizable mascot and logo of 6 years, and say hello to a new, focus group approved and socially conscious rebranding of what Josh.ai stands for. With the rebranding today, Josh.ai isn’t simply updating a logo or website design. We are also giving new life to the Josh.ai identity, expanding beyond the familiar silhouette of the friendly and helpful dog.

This new direction will instill the vision of the company into every aspect of its products, services, and customer relationships. …

The CI community’s favorite AI introduces the Cobalt Blue Josh Micro, as it looks back on an amazing six years of innovation and growth

DENVER — March 23, 2021Josh.ai, the fast-growing darling brand for residential AI and natural interfaces in the CI channel, celebrates its sixth birthday this month. Founded in 2015, Josh.ai has proven that innovative technology can be borne by the custom electronics industry, and that voice control and AI specifically, are here to stay.

In celebration of this milestone, the company has introduced a special limited-edition Josh Micro that comes in Cobalt Blue. Available now…

Unsurprisingly, the smart home industry is evolving quickly. A few years ago, we published an article detailing the challenges that the smart home industry was facing to grow. So many years later, it’s interesting to see which challenges remain, and what trends have actually formed.

Hippo.com recently released their own trends and predictions for 2021. You can read the full article here, and check out their infographic below. Interesting to see the top 3 trends they’ve identified all are related to home automation and voice/AI in the home. Here at Josh.ai, we think that’s spot on.

Josh.ai is an artificial intelligence agent for your home. If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at https://josh.ai.

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Sometimes it is nice to have Josh respond to commands loudly over background noise or a busy household. At other times, a softer voice response is preferable. For instance, when children are asleep in the next room. Either way, the volume Josh responds with when confirming commands is a personalization feature that can make your smart home experience even more intelligent and friendly.

Currently, users can adjust Josh Micro’s response volume manually in a few ways. The Josh App and Josh Portal provide device tiles for each Josh Micro in a project that offers various customization settings, one of which…

Here at Josh.ai, we’re always watching technology and looking for the best out there. TVs are getting more and more advanced every year, with better picture quality, faster processors, and becoming as thin as possible. In a world where there are 100’s if not 1000’s of different TV’s, it can be very hard to decide which model to purchase.

With the many options, it’s important to get the most of your TV beyond just the picture quality — it should also integrate with the other smart technology in your home. Here we will go over 3 different TV models that…

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Few sporting events in the world can rival the magnitude of the Super Bowl. The 2020 Super Bowl had just shy of 100 million viewers last year, with many people gathered together for some amazing parties. This year, viewing parties around the country and world will surely look slightly different.

The pandemic is still here and will likely cause many people to watch alone or with a small select number of friends and family. Never fear — technology and Josh.ai will prove that even with Covid, you can still take your viewing experience to the next level.

Sound … and A LOT of it

One key to…

Select group of integrators to serve as advisors to CEO Alex Capecelatro

DENVER — January 15, 2021 — Josh.ai, the fast-growing brand for residential AI and natural interfaces in the CI channel, has announced its first ever group of industry advisors to serve as part of the Josh.ai President’s Club for 2021. Consisting of top residential integrators from a variety of backgrounds, the President’s Club will meet regularly throughout the year with Josh.ai CEO Alex Capecelatro and the executive team to give guidance on everything from company strategy to new product development. Information about each member can be found below.


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